COD4 Mod Menu w/Codes (PS3) Add Video

hello, today im showing u some codes i found that are really fun to mess with...These are not my codes they are "ThEChOsEnTwO", codes,If u want all Challenges Codes u must subscribe and PM me for them!

Posted by xKOlinKilla on December 22, 2011 at 10:47 PM 18678 Views

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Reply BBk-SuSHii
1:49 AM on September 23, 2012 

oG-MoDz v1 & v2
vFxMzMoDz v2, v3, v4, & v5
JeTz MoDz v3 & v4
LIVExMOD v8 & v9

CoD4 Patch[z]!

Add: BBk-SuSHii

For Free Lobby[z] & Prestige!
Reply xKOlinKilla
12:03 AM on December 23, 2011 
the codes to this video:

set gpad_buttonsConfig "asdf"
set 11 "bind button_x toggle timescale 0.5 1.0;^5Slow;bind dpad_down vstr 12"
set 12 "bind button_x toggle timescale 2.0 1.0;^6Fast;bind dpad_down vstr 13"
set 13 "bind button_x noclip;^1NoClip;bind dpad_down vstr 14"
set 14 "bind button_x toggle g_gravity 800 100;^2Gravity;bind dpad_down vstr 15"
set 15 "bind button_x toggle jump_height 999 42;toggle g_speed 999 190;bg_falldamageminheight 999;bg_falldamagemaxheight 999;^3Jump;bind dpad_down vstr 16"
set 16 "bind button_x scr_xpscale 250;^4L_XP;bind dpad_down vstr 17"
set 17 "bind button_x scr_xpscale 3000 100;^5H_XP;bind dpad_down vstr 18"
set 18 "bind button_x fast_restart;^6Restart;bind dpad_down vstr 19"
set 19 "bind button_x toggle r_specularmap 2 0;^1Chrome;bind dpad_down vstr 20"
set 20 "bind button_x toggle cg_drawfps 1;perk_weapSpreadMultiplier 0.01;cg_laserForceOn 1;player_meleeRange 999;^2Infections;bind dpad_down vstr 1"
bind button_LTRIG "say ^2LIVExMoD's ^1Stealth ^4Mod Menu ^5With 20 Mods"

set playlist "2"
set party_connectToOthers "0"
set party_host "1"
set clanName "^2"
bind dpad_down " vstr 1"
set 1 "bind button_x give Brick_blaster_mp;^1Brick;bind dpad_down vstr 2"
set 2 "bind button_x give defaultweapon_mp;^2Default;bind dpad_down vstr 3"
set 3 "bind button_x toggle aim_lockon_debug 1 0;^3AimBot;bind dpad_down vstr 4"
set 4 "bind button_x toggle player_sustainAmmo 1 0;^4Ammo;bind dpad_down vstr 5"
set 5 "bind button_x cg_fov 100;^5ProMod;bind dpad_down vstr 6"
set 6 "bind button_x god;^6GodMode;bind dpad_down vstr 7"
set 7 "bind button_x setviewpos 1000 900 200;^1Teleport;bind dpad_down vstr 8"
set 8 "bind button_x toggle r_debugShader 1 0;^2Rainbow;bind dpad_down vstr 9"
set 9 "bind button_x toggle cg_thirdPerson 1 0;^33rdPerson;bind dpad_down vstr 10"
set 10 "bind button_x kick all;^4KickAll;bind dpad_down vstr 11"
bind button_RTRIG "say ^0Please Subscribe At ^^2LIVExMoD"